If you have lived or worked abroad, you may have accumulated a pension in a number of different countries. This can present difficulties when trying to manage or access your funds. Differing laws and regulations can make the process of withdrawing those funds complicated and frustrating.

We can help you consolidate all your pensions for easy fund access in an offshore pension plan, also known as a QROPS plan (Qualifying Regulated Overseas Pension Scheme). QROPS plans offer advantages for those who meet the criteria for participation. These may include benefiting from the tax regime of the resident country, reductions in exchange rate risks, no life time allowance tests and potentially greater tax free cash allowances.

Is the QROPS plan right for you?

We can meet with you to help you decide whether you would benefit from consolidating your pensions into a QROPS plan. Our knowledgeable client team will analyse your employment history, pensions, and financial objectives. Then we will thoroughly explain all the benefits and drawbacks, allowing you to make an informed decision.

We value our client relationships, and will always take the time to understand your unique financial needs and objectives. Our initial consultations are at no cost and come with no obligation.