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6 Questions You’ll Need to Ask Your Financial Adviser

There are plenty of reasons to do more with your money. However, to make sure you’re using the best options available, it’s recommended that you speak to an independent financial adviser.

It can be difficult to know what to expect if you’re speaking to a financial adviser for the first time. Not every adviser offers the same approach, so to find out if they’re going to be providing the right solutions for you, you’ll need to ensure you’re asking them the right questions.

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Welcoming Terry Michael to the KLO Team

KLO are committed to developing growth through the selection of high calibre employees, and as such are delighted to announce the appointment of Terry Michael, who commences his career with KLO Financial Services this week, operating from our Birmingham city centre branch.

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woman on laptop searching for an independent financial adviser to help with a stocks and shares isa

Should I take out a Stocks and Shares ISA?

Individual Saving Accounts, or ISAs, have now been around for over 20 years. A lot has changed in that time, but the ISA has stuck around, helping millions of people to increase their savings over time.

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KLO retirement planning | Independent financial advisers

Retirement Planning: Do it Yourself or Pay for a Financial Adviser?

Due to the pension freedom reforms introduced in 2015, more people in the UK can choose when and how they use their pension pot after the age of 55. Now, responsibility for retirement planning has been pushed away from former employers and onto employees themselves.

This means that there is a lot to consider when working out which retirement options will suit you best. An independent financial adviser can help, but can you do it yourself?

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retirement planning | KLO Independent financial advisers

Prepare for Your Future and Start Investing Today

Learning to save is a valuable life skill but in today’s economic climate, it’s not powerful enough by itself. Now, in order to financially prepare for your future, it’s important that you invest.

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Why Should Investors Consider VCTs?

How Long Will Your Pension Pot Last?

According to recent research conducted by Royal London, a high number of people may be taking too much out of their pension pot. This means they may risk jeopardising their retirement plans as they’ve not left enough to last until they pass away.

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