Member Communication and Advisory Service

Member Communication and Advisory Service

Workplace pension schemes are designed to be as suitable as possible for the majority of the membership. Members are automatically enrolled into the default investment strategy on the default contribution structure.

People often tell us that they have little idea as to how they are investing their money or if what they are doing is going to help them achieve a sensible level of income in retirement.

Corporate Planning Solutions

Supporting Your Business

We can support your business in a variety of ways with individual guidance sessions, retirement planning seminars, a retirement advisory service and an employer helpline.

Individual Guidance Sessions

Your dedicated Independent Financial Adviser will host individual guidance sessions with your staff at your workplace. The exact structure of the day is flexible although typically these will involve a series of 30 minute meetings with individual employees.

These meetings can be as simple or as technical as is required by the individual and focus on helping the member understand how to get the best from their pensions. They are designed to create engagement and allow the individual to make educated decisions in respect of their retirement planning.
There has been notable downward pressure on charges and real innovation in terms of functionality over this same timeframe. Alongside this changing environment, people’s options at retirement and how they need to interact prior to them have become increasingly complex.

From an employer’s perspective, it is vital they have a scheme that meets the needs of the business and its staff. This selection needs to account for member borne charges, default investment strategies, product functionality, ease of member interaction, administration and financial security amongst many other other things.

We can work with you from an independent perspective to help you see through the detail and to design and build a scheme that meets the needs of all involved.

Retirement Planning Seminars

Your dedicated Independent Financial Adviser will present retirement planning seminars at your workplace. These can be as formal or informal as required and the technical detail can be varied to suit the audience.

There are often simple steps people can to take really improve their retirement planning. The seminar will be an interactive, educational session aimed at engaging the scheme members and encouraging interaction with their retirement planning. We will focus on simple and achievable actions. The seminars are often held in advance of the individual guidance sessions so as to drive involvement with the impact measured through the on-going Governance processes.

Retirement Planning Advisory Service

For some scheme members education and guidance is not enough, they prefer to receive formal, tailored, personal advice and for any recommendations made to be implemented.

We can provide a regulated advisory service where we work with your people to help them understand their objectives and where they currently stand against said objectives. We will provide advice on how to best use their workplace pension to meet these goals and this will be reviewed and reported on annually. The advice will account for many factors but will include the following:

  • Projected benefits:
  • Contributions – allowances / budget. Traditional vs salary exchange.
  • Investments – attitude to risk, proximity to retirement, capacity for loss.
  • Income withdrawal strategy – investment tailored to suit income plans.

Employer Helpline

Your employees will have direct access to a dedicated Independent Financial Adviser and Client Manager via both phone and email. They will promptly assist with those technical and administrative queries that can often lead to confusion, not to mention increased workloads for your HR team.

We strive to be your outsourced pensions department.

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What Our Clients Say?

‘John Glavey has been our personal IFA for over 30 years. In addition, he acted for 40+ employees of companies of which Mr B was a Director. His advice and actions has made our retirement financially comfortable. Throughout those years his attitude has been relaxed but positive and we always had the feeling that he was maintaining his knowledge of trends and changing investments where appropriate. His up to the minute qualifications corroborate that.’