Ethical Investing: The Basics

Ethical investing is a great way to support your beliefs, whether it’s sustainability, fair trade practices, the environment or human rights. This type of investing considers the environmental, social and political implications of your investment and screens or excludes certain areas.

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Inheritance Tax: Making Sense of the Rules

Chancellor Philip Hammond recently announced that a review is to take place on inheritance tax to ensure that the system is easier to understand.

He described the system as “particularly complex”. Research has shown that many people are unsure of the rules on inheritance tax, with a study conducted by Brewin Dolphin concluding that just 12 per cent of the people they surveyed knew the correct figure for their gift allowances.

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Investing 101: What Questions Do You Need to Be Asking?

If you’re new to investing, it’s important to ask yourself a number of questions before diving straight in. We’ve written up a handy guide featuring some of the most useful questions you’ll need to know the answer to.

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Pensions 101: Who Will Inherit My Pension?

Did you know that, according to research conducted by Royal London, over 750,000 people may be at risk of passing on their pension to the wrong person?

When planning for retirement, it’s essential to ensure that you plan ahead to ensure the right person will inherit your pension pot after you pass away, if this is required. What are some of the rules involved?

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Retirement: How are Longer Lifespans Affecting Pensions?

With more people living longer, pensions and savings are being affected for those who are planning for their retirement.

By 2020, the Office for National Statistics predicts that people aged over 50 will constitute one third of the working population. This will inevitably have an impact on the way savers plan for their retirement, as it’s likely they will have to cover living costs for a longer period of time with their pension and investment income.

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Why Consider Ethical Investing?

Ethical investing has seen an increase in popularity in recent years. This may be due to an increasing focus on social responsibility and the impact investment choices might have on the environment, as well as on sustainable economic development and lifestyles.

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