Investing After Retirement

IHT Planning: Why Start Now?

Inheritance tax – it’s everywhere, and it’s unavoidable. However, there are things you can do to ensure you don’t have to pay more inheritance tax than you need to, and the earlier you start thinking about it, the better.

HMRC extended the tax-free allowance for inheritance tax recently, meaning that by 2020, the allowance will have increased by £175,000. However, many people will still be hit with inheritance tax upon the death of a loved one. Careful planning can prevent unexpected bills and use allowances to your advantage. Why should you start thinking about reducing inheritance tax liability sooner rather than later?

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Autumn 2018 Update

Read our Autumn 2018 Update!

Welcome to the autumn edition of our newsletter, covering the latest developments as the country moves towards winter and the next Budget.

Our feature story is about the lifelong journey of supporting children financially. We also look at lifetime gifts and possible changes to inheritance tax. For pensions we have essential advice for anyone planning their first lump sum withdrawal, and a look back at six years of auto enrolment. And for investment we offer help on decoding fund fees, and how to use market indexes in your investment planning.

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What's Ethical Investing All About?

Ethical Investing: What’s It All About?

Every year people invest their money in funds in order to grow their wealth and receive returns that they would never get simply by leaving it in a savings account. The question is – how many of those people think about the ethical impacts of what their money is being invested in?

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How Can Pensioners Cut Their Tax Bill

Inheritance Tax: Why Investing is the Right Option

Currently inheritance tax is set at 40 per cent and is applied to estates above £325,000. The term ‘estate’ includes a person’s home, savings, and possessions. For married couples, or couples in a civil partnership the nil rate band (also known as the tax-free amount) can be doubled to up to £650,000.

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How to Minimise Your Inheritance Tax Burden

How to Minimise Your Inheritance Tax Burden

With inheritance tax currently at 40pc many people suffer a huge hit when passing on their assets, however there are ways to use the inheritance tax allowances to minimise this.

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Inflation At Highest Level in Over 5 Years

Different Needs, The Right Advice

When it comes to financial advice, an important aspect that might be taken into consideration is the financial needs of different genders.

For instance, there are many factors that point towards the fact that women may often have specific financial needs and it is important for financial advisers to recognise this fact.

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