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Warwick is on the doorstep of several major motorways, including the M6 and M45, making it a sought-after area for all types of National businesses. This prime location makes Warwick the perfect home for KLO Financial Service’s head office, allowing our clients easy access to our Midlands financial advisers if they want to discuss their finances in person. First meetings are always at no cost and with no obligation, and Warwick’s central setting supplies National clients to easy access of this.

As well as this, Warwickshire is close to one of the best University’s in the United Kingdom – Warwick University. A key school within the university is Warwick Business School, which educates thousands of students who will eventually become part of the financial workforce, as well as organising professional networking events. Our Warwickshire location means that KLO Financial Services has constant access to some of the UK’s top talent as the county’s financial industry is constantly growing. This means that we are continually adapting and evolving our workforce and taking on new financial advisers with a wealth of current and relevant financial knowledge. Warwick’s financial networking events allow our employees to tap into the growing financial industry within the area and we are constantly developing relationships with other key financial businesses.

Our central Midlands location allows KLO Financial Services to keep up with the developing financial industry and continue to offer effective solutions for all aspects of financial planning. Our Warwick head office offers support in in-house analysis and portfolio diversification and construction, and our in-house team provide tailored solutions and ongoing investment management to assist our clients to achieve their financial objectives.

In order to find out more, get in touch with our head office by calling 01926 492406. If you decide that you want to discuss your finances with us in person, talk to a local Warwickshire financial adviser today and see how we can help you.

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